Miło nam poinformować, że drugi w Polsce kurs terapii MEDEK prowadzony przez fizjoterapeutkę Ester Fink odbędzie się w naszej firmy w terminie 26-29.08.2019 roku.


Szczegóły szkolenia:

termin: 26-29.08.2019 r

miejsce: Poznański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, ul. Rubież 46 Poznań

koszt: 7200 zł

kontakt: biuro@rehakids.com.pl

Description:  This course will introduce Physical and Occupational therapists working with the neuro paediatric population to the Medek Intervention developed by Ramon Cuevas, a Chilean physiotherapist.  Therapists will learn the theoretical base, concepts and assumptions, similarities and differences to other contemporary approaches used to develop motor skills in infants and young children with a neurological dysfunction.  Learning will be enhanced through videoclips and demonstrations.  The therapists will learn and practice exercises to develop head and trunk control, standing and walking.
Goal: to develop new clinical skills
Course Objectives:
1. To understand the basic characteristics of this intervention and the rationale for the use of the exercises
2. Learn new techniques to develop head and trunk control and functional motor skills.
3. Implement the assessment tool
4. Learn to develop a structured home program
5. Decide whether to pursue further training in this approach
Ester Fink was born in Santiago, Chile.  She earned a degree in physiotherapy from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  She owns the Canadian Medek Centre and Physiotherapy Clinic TM  and works part time at the Kayla’s Children Centre as a senior therapist.  Ester is the clinical coordinator for PT students of the University of Toronto doing a placement at the school.  She teaches clinical skills to students and professionals and introduced the Medek approach in North America in the early nineties.  Ester travels to treat children and give courses, she is Bobath/NDTA trained and served for eight years as the Easter Canada Chairperson for the American Neurodevelopmental Association. For more information please see www.medek.ca